Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

Bookings, Cancellation & Additional Costs


The following applies to all travel and bookings for Deluxe Chauffeured Cars:

i. Bookings are deemed to be confirmed once written confirmation has been received, this includes all electronic communications such as email, SMS and social media networks. It is also deemed that you have read, understood and accept the terms of this agreement.

ii. Credit card details will be required as part of your booking. This card will not be charged unless being used for payment of the travel or if there is a breach of the terms of this agreement, such as cancellations or damage to the vehicle.

iii. Once confirmed the client agrees that any change to the time and/or date of travel, within 24 hours of the confirmed travel times and/or date, may be subject to additional costs and conditions.

iv. Full cancellation of any service within 48 hours will be subject to payment of 50% of the Booking’s full rate.

v. Full cancellation of any service within 24 hours will be subject to payment of the Booking’s full rate.

vi. Additional costs will be incurred in the following instances:

  1. Payments made by credit card are subject to a 1.5% surcharge
  2. All travel on Public Holidays are subject to a 15% surcharge
  3. Weekend travel is subject to a 10% surcharge
  4. Delay of plane or passengers by more than 30 minutes from agreed pick up time will be charged in 15-minute intervals at the rate of $30/15 minutes (this may be able to be claimed back from the airline). Should the client advise of a delay prior to the pickup time, then this cost may be waived at the discretion of management.
  5. Damage to the vehicle or any fixtures or fittings by the client or their party, will be charged at the repair/cleaning amount plus 10%. Payment for the damages caused must be paid by the client within 7 days of the charter date.
  6. Overtime will be charged in 15-minute intervals at the rate of $30/15 minutes and can only be approved by management. Overtime is to be paid by the client before it will be approved.
  7. Luggage Trailers will be charged at $40 per trip for additional luggage.



Travel, The Vehicles & Other


The following applies to all travel and bookings for Deluxe Chauffeured Cars:

i. SEAT BELTS: As per current legislation, all passengers must wear seat belts while travelling in a Deluxe Chauffeured Cars’ vehicle.

ii. BEHAVIOUR: If you or any member of your booking party behaves in a manner that is deemed to be rude, offensive, unsafe, or considered intoxicated before, after or whilst en route, we reserve the right to terminate your booking and evict you from/them from the vehicle. No refund will apply.

iii. ALCOHOL: We do not offer as part of our service, and we will not be held responsible or liable for you or any of your party consuming alcohol nor the consequences that may ensue. All alcohol consumption is your responsibility and at your own risk. You alone shall accept full responsibility. Any minor caught consuming alcohol while en-route in our vehicle will be evicted immediately.

iv. LUGGAGE: We will undertake to transport a reasonable amount of luggage. If however, in the judgement of our chauffeur, the volume and weight is excessive, we reserve the right to refuse the carriage of said luggage, we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to the client’s property while in the car(s).

v. UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES: We cannot assume responsibility for any unforeseen circumstances beyond our control such as traffic, road and weather conditions, illness, vehicle breakdown, etc. Should there be a vehicle breakdown or mishap rendering the reserved vehicle out of commission we reserve the right to substitute the vehicle(s). We will make every effort to supply a similar vehicle.

vi. INSURANCE: Our insurance policy covers all authorised persons travelling in the vehicle en-route to their destination. Passengers assume personal liability when entering and exiting our vehicle(s). Deluxe Chauffeured Cars accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or theft of personal property.

vii. LIMIT OF LIABILITY: In all cases, Deluxe Chauffeured Cars, owners, operators and chauffeur’s maximum liability shall be limited to a full refund of monies paid pertaining only to the contracted trip in question. We will take care, but no liability will be assumed. No claim for liquidated damages, consequential loss or any other eventuality shall be admissible.

  1. The client accepts and indemnifies Deluxe Chauffeured Cars and its employees against any loss, consequential or otherwise as a result, direct or otherwise of a failure to meet deadlines. It is entirely the responsibility of the client to ensure that there is adequate time to travel to and from destinations. Deluxe Chauffeured Cars or its employees will provide advice, but this does not form any part of the contract.
  2. The client expressly accepts that in car entertainment, such as TV screens, DVD equipment and gaming consoles are provided as a courtesy and its use or availability does not form part of the hire. In the event that the equipment fitted to the vehicle malfunctions prior or during the hire, Deluxe Chauffeured Cars accepts no liability whatsoever and no compensation will be provided in such instances, nor will Deluxe Chauffeured Cars accept any claims for any form of refund.
  3. In the event that a vehicle is subject to an accident or mechanical failure, or is no longer safe to drive, then Deluxe Chauffeured Cars shall make alternative arrangements to get the client and his/her party to their destination. Deluxe Chauffeured Cars may at its entire discretion determine the onward travel, alternatively the client may make alternative arrangements at their cost, for which no claim can be made against Deluxe Chauffeured Cars.
  4. The client specifically accepts that the booking is based on a best endeavours basis and therefore, no specific guarantees can be made in terms of time, reliability of the vehicle and events out of the direct control of Deluxe Chauffeured Cars.
  5. NUMBER OF PASSENGERS: The maximum number of passengers allowed in a standard vehicle is restricted to four (4) adults. Children travelling with Deluxe Chauffeured Cars must be seated in legal child restraints.

ix. GRACE PERIOD: Our aim is to arrive at the pick-up points in advance of the times agreed. Occasionally, events outside our control (e.g. Traffic congestion, bad weather, accidents, etc) may cause us to be late. In these circumstances, provided we arrive within 20 minutes of the scheduled pickup time, this will be deemed to be within the terms of agreement and acceptable. In such cases the client will be notified of any delay prior to the agreed pick-up time.

Updated 27/07/2022